Thursday, October 25, 2012

Master Fletch 7th Lego Party

Phew ...the party has come and gone! It was a crazy day of fun, cake and a Lego man pinata!! Invites were sent out to family and friends and ALL of his class! By the end of the party we had over 60 people come and celebrate his birthday!
For my poor little 2 bedroom house with a shared backyard it felt more like half time food/toilet break at the MCG  

I will have some tutorials for those who requested them in the near future.

Today I want to share with you some pictures from the party,mainly of the cake. The cake is a Lego Construction Men cake - with a Star Wars twist. I hope you enjoy!

Ta-Da!! Lego Man Construction Cake

Ta-Da!! Lego Man Construction Cake...My friend had fun making the  Lego bulldozer that sat on top of the cake!

The back of the cake, I also used Lego men and eraser Lego bricks.

My  favourite element to the cake - The Clean Up Man!

Takes a village of Lego Men to construct this cake! The Star Wars shapes were made using fondant and cookie cutters that I found on from this seller. I also made cookies using these cutters and have used them heaps of times since!

Watch out, coming through

Tapping the Star Wars pieces into place

My poser in his PJs helping to creating a wall of balloons as the backdrop to the food table. I found this idea on  Pinterest and I Blutacked  a Lego baseplate with his initial and age to the wall in the middle (no pics of the completed wall/table sorry!)

Very clever Brother-in-law had been working on this Lego Man Pinata for weeks before the party. He was HUGE! Almost as tall as the kids! He was constructed out of boxes and paper mache (spelling ?). The lollies were in parts of his body but thankfully not full! He was a hard man to crack open but the kids enjoyed trying. Lego Man made for an entertaining element to the party!

Kids loving Life-sized Lego Man...a peek at the food table too

The kids had fun trying to crack him open

The Lego Construction Cake

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