Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cupcake Toppers

Yay Christmas is here! One of my favourite holiday seasons. This year will be a new chapter for us, as we are now on the other side of this great big country we call Australia.

This year will be all about enjoying the holidays with many children around and looking for lots of things to do with the kids over the school holidays to avoid the dreaded 'I'm bored Mum' statements!!!

Ham, Chicken and Turkey are on the menu along with many other great traditional and modern side dishes. It is expected to be in the high 30 degrees Celsius  here so I expect that we will probably indulging in lots of salads and fresh seasonal fruits.

I will be making some cupcakes for Christmas naturally!!! I have made some Xmas cupcake toppers and have limited amount left for sale. Get in NOW for your own cupcakes toppers, or perhaps jazz up some platters, sweet or savoury delights with these cupcake toppers as well.

Toppers are 12pk for $6.00, including FREE POSTAGE for Australia only. Paypal avaliable.

My favourite Christmas treat is pretzels!! love the things!

'What is your favourite Christmas food!?'

Merry Christmas and best wishes for love, joy, happiness and success for the New Year!xxal

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