Monday, July 12, 2010

Miss A's 2nd Birthday Party July 2010

A dear old school friend asked for my advice on a fail-proof vanilla cupcake recipe for her daughter's birthday party. She needed a recipe that always worked as she was using an unfamiliar oven. I gave her a recipe that I have found never fails to deliver, even if my own human error comes into it!!

**oh geez... as im writing this sitting son is hitting me with an inflatable Batman hammer! BUT..I digress!

Below is a copy of the email I sent and some tips that I have found helpful. I also sent her some personalised cupcake toppers for her gorgeous cupcakes and lil girl!

1. make sure the eggs, milk and butter are as close to room temperature as possible.

2. Good quality cupcake papers do make a difference.

3. when using an unfamiliar oven, decrease the temperature by at least 10 degrees and check regularly with the cake poker and take out as soon as the poker comes out clean.

4. when cooked, leave the cakes in the tin until they cool, then put them on the cake cooling rack to cool completely.

5. before icing, spread each cupcake with an apricot jam which helps to keep the moisture in (will need to heat the jam for 20-30 seconds to get a spreading consistency,let cool and spread lightly)

6. NEVER store in the fridge iced,store the cakes in a box, or those plastic cupcake carriers

hope that helps a bit, have fun with them!!xal

Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Monday morning, I hope that the  rest of your week is fabulous!!xal

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  1. The cupcakes were a big hit. Thanks for your help ~ Jc xxx