Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's wrong with cupcakes at Easter?

Morning all and Happy Easter,

mmm...this morning on the Sunrise Program Ch7, James Tobin (the spunky weatherman) questioned weather cupcakes were really an Easter treat.

Stake through my heart James!

I of course , wholeheartedly agree that cupcakes are an Easter treat, and believe that they are a fantastic sweet treat alternative to chocolate, and also are a fantastic platform to personalise and make something special for Easter!

So what do you think, Are cupcakes an Easter treat?
First comment will win a mystery prize!!! (Australia Only)(comp closes 8 April 2010)


  1. Shame on James.. Cupcakes are a fantastic Easter treat esp for the littlies.. :0)

  2. I don't have a problem with cupcakes at Easter - or anytime of the year!

  3. Thanks guys for your comments, I was very pleased to see Easter cupcakes everywhere over Easter, so very sweet! We also made some easter chocolates this year (finally those chocolate moulds got some use!)No pics as my 4yo son consumed all!
    I think that Easter and cupcakes have well and truly shown that they are a part of Easter celebrations around the world!!

  4. Apairaday would like to congratulate Renee on being the winner of the Easter competition!!